CSC are so so proud to support our youngest son Olly Cunningham in his campaign to run BAREFOOT!! throughout  “The Big Half”  London Half Marathon on Sunday 4th September 2022, on the roads of London for GUTS UK our nominated charity; knowing that it is nothing compared to what countless loved ones, family and friends have gone through to fight against such thin odds. Hopefully we can all raise a bit of awareness and a little bit of money to make these survival rates so much higher.

 FACT !! The six rare forms of cancer Oesophagus, Lung, Liver, Brain Pancreas and Stomach have not seen their survival rates improve for over 40 years. These six cancers are collectively responsible for almost half of all common cancer deaths in the UK; with a collective five year survival of only 16% 1 of the 6: OESOPHAGEAL CANCER (in your food pipe) develops slowly and patients typically have  no symptoms however when symptoms do show up it spreads rapidly. 

To show your support for GUTS UK please sponsor Olly by visiting his JustGiving page.


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